Land in a healthcare career that you can be proud of! Find jobs online using the widely connected network at Affinity Medical Staffing. Send your application today…

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You can find work in various healthcare settings and have the opportunity to work with other medical professionals in the field. There are so many career opportunities waiting for you.

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Affinity Medical Staffing can help you in forming your medical team. Find nurses, physicians, R&D staff, technicians, therapists and more from our extensive pool of professionals.

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Welcome to Affinity Medical Staffing

Affinity Medical Staffing uses cutting-edge staffing approaches that embrace the dynamic requirements of the medical community. Year after year, there will be technological developments that affect the landscape of healthcare. The key is to find personnel who can adapt to those developments which ultimately lead to better care outcomes for patients.

As an organization, we are able to link qualified staff with their potential employers. Our network of clients includes small to large healthcare facilities with varying staffing requirements from multiple disciplines. For every one of them, we tailor a solution. And, for every job seeker in the medical field, we forge a career path that they can follow.

To those searching for careers, send your application to Affinity Medical Staffing. To employers in need of recruitment solutions, send a staffing request online!

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Affinity Medical Staffing strives to be a respected and globally renowned staffing provider in the health care industry. We provide staffing solutions for healthcare facilities throughout New York, New Jersey, Florida, Chicago and Pennsylvania. We also connect job seekers to local employers or placement in multi-national healthcare organizations.

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